The Essentials to Being a Transformational Leader

Foundations of Leadership: Why is Fulfillment so Important?

The Essentials to Being a Transformational Leader

The goal of Alignment Leadership is personal and professional fulfillment. Therefore, if everything we do is to move us one step closer towards fulfillment we must first understand why it is something worth striving for in the first place.

In order to fully understand fulfillment, it is best to consider it’s opposite—regret. The feeling that you should have done more, that your time and energy was wasted. When that feeling of loss starts to creep in, you begin to dwell on all that you can’t or didn’t do.. But, when we are too focused on the past, regret consumes us and robs us of today.

The truth is, we commonly experience regret in this way when we are disconnected from purpose. We don’t know how to intentionally make decisions or spend our time. We are aiming at nothing, every day, and hitting it every time. We need a constant target to aim for that doesn’t change even if the circumstances around us do or we’re just having an off day.

That is why we choose to define fulfillment in this way: “deep satisfaction in achievement and accomplishment through the development of one’s inherent character.” This allows us to view life through the lens of our personal transformation and therefore get a “win” out of every day. We use failures and crises as an opportunity for growth and regret only happens when we are not trying to transform in those moments. Though fulfillment does not protect us against crisis or failure, it does propel us through them.

Alignment Leadership is striving to cure regret by pursuing fulfillment. We believe that the only antidote to regret is fulfillment. We want everyone to feel like they have spent their time well. Our desire is for you to leave the workday feeling that your time spent away from your loved ones is worth it. That you can trust that your time and energy is not wasted, but an investment towards your personal and professional fulfillment.

A lofty goal, but a worthy one nonetheless.

anyone can lead and should lead

Foundations of Leadership: Anyone Can and Should Lead

The Essentials to Being a Transformational Leader

these foundational principles are truths that you must believe in order for you to want to spend your time and energy adopting the philosophy of Alignment Leadership. If you do not believe that everyone can lead, you will have a difficult time with this. 

Here are some dangerous traps you can fall into if you don’t believe everyone can lead:

  1. You could count yourself out as a leader. Doubt is dangerous and deceptive, it prevents us from seeing our fullest potential. 
  2. You could count others out as leaders based on their behavior. You could view them as “not leadership material” because their views or behaviors are different from yours.

These traps are dangerous because it is simply not true. We need all types of leaders in order to evolve and grow in business and in life. 

Many subscribe to the idea that leaders are born, not made. We would have to disagree. Leadership is more than authority, power, and control, it is also more than charisma, popularity, or being a smooth-talker. You do not have to have a dominating personality that is not afraid of confrontation. You do not have to have all the answers. Leadership is about people, which leads us to our next foundation and definition of leadership:

Leadership is loving and serving others towards fulfillment. 

leadership is loving and serving others

Foundations of Leadership: Leadership is Loving and Serving People Towards Fulfillment

The Essentials to Being a Transformational Leader

Leadership is not a trait some people are born with while others are not. It is not a title or position. It is certainly not climbing the corporate ladder or achieving a six-figure salary. It is sometimes the quietest, the youngest, or the most inexperienced person in the room. It happens in the office, in the home, and even on the playground.

Leadership is a selfless act that costs you something personally as you seek the betterment of those around you. It is so profoundly simple that even a child can do it, yet not easy enough to guarantee we can successfully live it out in every moment. It often requires making difficult decisions and not always being the favorite. But leadership, defined in this way, is also the most rewarding and fulfilling experience out there.

With the end goal of fulfillment already defined, the rest of our definition of leadership, can be broken down into two parts—love and service. While they go hand-in-hand it is important to mention the differences. 

Love is all about self-sacrifice for the benefit of another person. Love is choosing someone’s needs above your own. We want to love the people we are serving because there will be times when crisis arises and you will have to choose between what you want and what your people want. You will have to love your people enough to be willing to die to yourself so that your people have a chance at fulfillment. When 42 year old Tom Brady throws himself for a block, he is sacrificing his body for his team to be able to gain a few extra yards. He is the quarterback, he doesn’t have to do that, but he chooses to because he loves the game and his teammates. Love requires sacrifice.

Service is looking out for someone else’s needs.This requires you to first identify what those needs are and then meet those needs. It is the mindset of “what can I do for you today so that you will be better tomorrow? It is putting others’ needs above your own. When the quarterback runs off the field and gets his teammates cups of water before he gets one himself, he is serving the needs of his teammates before his own. It is doing the grunt work so that others can have a path towards fulfillment. 

This is why it is so important to have both—love and service. Without love, your service will be shallow. Without service, your love will be stagnant. As leaders we need to believe in our people enough to be willing to love and serve them at all costs.

everyone has intrinsic value

Foundations of Leadership: Everyone Has Intrinsic Value

The Essentials to Being a Transformational Leader

From the moment you are born you have value. You don’t have to prove or earn your value, it is already there. Value is not dependent on behavior, performance, success, or achievement. You cannot become any more or any less valuable. If we believe this to be true then it must be true all the time. The truth does not shift according to your race, gender, socio-economic status, etc. The truth just is. 

We are choosing to step out in boldness and claim that each person on this earth has intrinsic value and therefore, is entitled to fulfillment. So what does that mean?

It means we get to spend our time in a fulfilling way. It means from the moment we wake up to the second we lay our heads back down we deserve to be fulfilled in how we spend our time. And unfortunately, that is not lived out for the majority of people in the workplace. Too often we are left regretting how we have spent our time. We don’t want that for you. We want you to experience the fullness of joy that fulfillment can bring. 

Value is tricky. The majority of us attach our value to things we do – our tasks and achievements. Then, when the moment of completion or achievement happens, we either downplay or ignore our value. It is twisted thinking! We believe the lies that we tell ourselves instead of walking in the freedom and confidence of what we bring to the table. We run and hide from all that we are, especially the intangible things that make us precious and unique and often have no immediately noticeable connection to a “thing” we can do for someone. In the traditional workplace experience, our value is a moving target we are constantly trying to achieve. But instead, our value should be the foundation on which we stand. We should be working and serving out of our value instead of striving to achieve our value. We need to re-shift our minds. When intrinsic value is your starting place, you are free to fail, learn, and transform as you work to fulfill your purpose.

authentic community overcomes isolation and regret

Foundations of Leadership: Authentic Community Overcomes Isolation and Regret

The Essentials to Being a Transformational Leader

If each of us struggles to identify and claim our own value then how much more do we need to affirm the value in others? We are all victims to the lies in our heads, but we have the power to speak truth into others to cast out those lies. 

Far too often we forget to consider the direct impact we have on those we work with. Considering how much time we spend with our co-workers, it is vital to foster a relationship with each other built on trust and vulnerability. We cannot just assume they feel valued because they have a job. No. We need to look outside of ourselves and realize we all want the same thing—to feel known, heard, and valued for who we are so that we can be confident in the work we do each and every day. If that is what everyone wants then why is it so hard to affirm the value in others? 

Think of how great it feels to receive a compliment. Now think of how much greater that would feel if they were complimenting something you are insecure about or feel like you’re not good at. Our words are powerful, we should use them to lift and affirm others in who they naturally are. 

They say “it’s lonely at the top” but we would argue it’s lonely everywhere. Loneliness is not exclusive to leaders. The selfish nature of our world puts us in silos. Competition and comparison rule our minds and actions. We are told to look out for #1 and no one else. That might work out for a short amount of time but when the storms of life come crashing down, who do you turn to? Do you have people you can depend on? 

We need others we can trust and be vulnerable with. Life is hard. We can’t be perfect, but perfection is not a requirement for you to be considered valuable. When life knocks you down or you make a mistake, it’s easy to assume that you don’t have value. That is when you need authentic community to pick you back up and remind you of your value. You need to walk alongside people that know you will hold you accountable to your value. These are the people who have seen you at your worst and seen you are your best. You need them to affirm who you naturally are in order to fight off the lies you tell yourself. 

Life is too hard and too short to go at it alone. Go find the people that need you just as much as you need them and you’ll see yourself and others transform in more ways than you could imagine.

Now, more than ever, people are demanding more from leaders. You need the highest level of leadership competence and the character to match it. Join an authentic community of learners redefining leadership for this generation.


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Now, more than ever, people are demanding more from leaders. You need the highest level of leadership competence and the character to match it. Join an authentic community of learners redefining leadership for this generation.


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